The Robins' Saturday Yankee

One of the major regular fundraising schemes for Altrincham Football Club is the Saturday Yankee, so please support it!

31 March 2009


How It Works

For one pound a week you receive four numbers, which represent four horses which are scheduled to take part in each Saturday's national horse-racing programme. You can either pay a weekly sum to a collector who will visit your address, or you can subscribe by standing order. Yankee collectors earn commission and volunteers are always welcome.

Your Yankee Collector delivers a slip to your home each week which allows you to see which horses are yours in the coming Saturday's races. These are normally televised races. If the horses win and their race numbers are in the same order as your four numbers, you win the Yankee, which is a minimum of £300. If this is not won, £350 is added to the Yankee each week until it is won. In weeks where the Yankee is not won, a total of £200 is divided amongst those holding three winning horses.

How to Play


  • An application form for both collectors and subscribers is here. It can be printed off and returned to the club.


  • Please ring the Club on (0161-)928-1045 and ask for Jenny Heslop, the Yankee Manager. If she is unavailable, other members of the Altrincham administrative staff will be able to help you.

    Races and Results

    The latest list of races and winners is here.

    For more details, including results and winners see the Saturday Yankee website.