The Altrincham FC Supporters' Club - TASC

By kind permission of Brian Flynn, the minutes of the Altrincham F.C. Supporters' Club Committee are reproduced below. In due course, the Committee will launch its own website.

Minutes of The Altrincham Supporters' Club (TASC) Committee Meeting, Saturday, 22 August 2009


Dawn Abbott, Brian Flynn, Steve Foster, Peter Foster, Anthony Wright, Grahame Rowley, Ian Rosendaal, Mike Ainsworth

Apologies from Gareth Thomas, Ian Jones, Graham Jackett, Darren Gregory, Steven Raftery, Mike Garnett

Matters Arising from the Minutes of the 16th July 2009 Meeting

  • TASC Advertising Board.

    TASC board is up and is looking great. Thanks to Chris Ainsworth for the design & Mike Ainsworth for organising production of the Board.

  • Billboards

    Graham Rowley confirmed that he still has not received replies from Tesco and Aldi. Sainsburys’ refurbishment is scheduled for September, therefore we hope to be able to advertise matches after that in their store.

  • Co-op Bank Account Signatories Still in the process of changing.

    Ian Rosendaal proposed that the minutes were accepted and this was seconded by Steve Foster.


  • Alty Rock - Bob Allan presented the idea of producing rock with Alty written in the middle. Rock comes in 3 sizes,3 prices. Each stick of rock can contain a maximum of 15 letters down the middle. Each stick of rock comes with a label. Places Alty Rock could be sold:- Local shops, Altrincham Tourist Information Office, Ebay, Club Shop. We agreed to purchase from the supplier and Bob Allan agreed to action this.

  • aBay

    No progress.

  • Golf Day 24th July

    Brian Flynn confirmed that 11 people attended making a profit of £110 for the club. The club organisers have expressed that they would like to continue this as an annual event, however perhaps October would be a better time for attracting golfers i.e. when the holiday season has finished.

  • Gigs in the Noel White Suite

    Harbingers have suggested November or December Friday or Saturday. It was confirmed that a Friday night would be better. Shaky Dog have now suggested that a date early in 2010 may be best for them. Idea was suggested that we could promote these events on local radio & newspapers.

  • Calendar

    Peter Foster bought along a copy of the calendar which has now been printed. Gavin Rathbone and Peter Foster have done a superb job in creating an excellent product. Calendars will sell for £9.99. It was suggested that two calendars are signed by the people featured in it and auctioned at the Ricky Ponting Dinner and Christmas Party. Calendar will be made available to purchase online.

  • Cultzeros

    First sales of T-Shirts made. £19 in commission received to date. Cultzeros will send a cheque every two months. We need to keep plugging the link as one sale was made directly and whilst this was picked up by Cultzeros and commission paid, we could potentially lose commission in future.

  • S.O.S Fund

    Mike Ainsworth asked Grahame Rowley if the bucket collections at half time could still be used for the SOS fund. Grahame agreed. Steve Foster to write about the SOS bucket collection in the TASC programme page.

  • Goal Sponsorship

    Steve Foster reported that this was now up and running for the season.


    Anthony Wright reported that membership now stands at 114 members. Mike Garnett and Anthony Wright are manning the TASC section of the club shop on matchdays.

    Treasurer's Report

  • New Year's Draw £1,995.20
  • Pensioners' Christmas Lunch £252.00
  • Bag2The Future £104.00
  • £24.00
  • Race Night £1,193.00
  • Mobile Phones £699.18
  • Bin Stickers £102.00
  • Harbingers profit £204.00
  • Membership £800.00
  • SOS fund £2,497.30
  • Altrincham Festival £320.00
  • TASC golf day £110.00
  • Cult Zeroes £13.99

    TOTAL RAISED TO DATE: £8,314.67

  • Cheque issued to Club -£2,000.00
  • Cheque issued to Club -£2,000.00


  • New Rocky Robin Costume

    Andrew Nash has asked if Rocky Robin can have a new kit. The old kit has lasted around 10 years. A quote which Andrew has received is for £460+ VAT. Idea was to get sponsorship to pay for it. This is a idea still to be looked at. Andrew to get two more quotes if possible.

  • Newsletter

    TASC newsletter still needs some work doing on it.

  • Monthly Draw for Match Day Hospitality

    This will be next drawn at the Chester game on Bank Holiday Monday, 30th August. There will be one winner, who can bring a guest.

  • Man of the Match SMS Competition

    This is an idea put forward by John Gill and involves voting for the man of the match via text message. We agreed that this was worth investigating further and Brian Flynn will do this.

  • Website

    Website is still under construction. Ian Rosendaal will update content once site is up and running.

  • Kids Go Free Scheme

    This will be operated by the Club for the last home game of the season on April 24th 2010. Specific invited schools will be attending Saturdays throughout the football season.

  • Next Meeting

    Monday 21st September at 8pm, venue to be confirmed