The Altrincham FC Supporters' Club - TASC

By kind permission of Brian Flynn, the minutes of the Altrincham F.C. Supporters' Club Committee are reproduced below. In due course, the Committee will launch its own website.

Minutes of The Altrincham Supporters' Club (TASC) Committee Meeting, Saturday, 11th April 2009


Dawn Abbott, Brian Flynn, Steve Foster, Mike Ainsworth, Chris Ainsworth, Gareth Thomas, Anthony Wright, Graham Rowley, Ian Jones


Peter Foster, Darren Gregory, Steven Raftery, Ian Rosendaal, Mark Eckersal, Graham Jackett, Mike Garnett,

Minutes of 12th March 2009 Meeting

Poker Nights

Mike Ainsworth has heard nothing back. Poker Nights to be placed on hold for the time being.

Fixture Poster

New fixture list and poster covering games to the end of the season has been issued. Chris Ainsworth will continue to produce these next season when we will try to distribute as many around Sale & Altrincham as possible.

Away Travel Discount on Supporters' Coach for TASC Members

Gareth Thomas confirmed that the 1 discount for TASC Members for each trip has been operating since the match at Ebbsfleet on March 31st.

TASC Advertising Board

The STAR perimeter advertising board to be replaced with a new TASC one. Chris Ainsworth to design.

Fundraising Update

  • Race Night,

    Race night 18th April. Mike Ainsworth was able to confirm that all bar two horses have been sold and there is one race to be sponsored. Ian Jones to pay Toni, the compere, 200 on the night. Float will come from the triple chance sales. Tickets on the night to back a horse are 50p each. Triple Chance is being sold. -Goal of the season to be presented after the Grays game with the Ballboys/Girls presentation. Dawn Abbott to make up 40 barms with a number of fillings

  • Bin Stickers

    Brian Flynn confirmed that the current profit is 102 and that this venture will continue next season. Celebratory banners can also be produced e.g. for birthdays, weddings etc and these will also be offered.

  • Harbingers

    25th April. Brian Flynn confirmed that so far 30 to 35 tickets have been sold. Brian Flynn will ask John Laidlar to advertise on the club website & tickets will be available at the Race Night. Brian Flynn thanked Sarah Rowley for designing & printing the event tickets.

  • SOS (Strengthen Our Squad).

    Money from the bucket collections at home matches is going into the fund. The final collection will be at the Grays game 18th April. Amount raised this year will be announced week commencing April 20th.

  • Recycling Old Mobile Phones.

    Steve Foster confirmed that 115 phones had been handed in with amount raised at nearly 700. Steve Foster thanked Sarah Rowley for all her hard work in this project.

  • Raffle for Away Travel to Cambridge on Team Coach

    Tickets are going to be priced at 2 a ticket or 3 for 5. Objective is to raise about 200. Selling of tickets on the supporters' coach to Wrexham and on April 18th.

    Membership Update

    Membership stands at 72 members. Anthony Wright confirmed that Paul Daine has sent a number of letters out in the post this week regarding membership. Anthony Wright to contact Paul Daine regarding Corporate Membership. Gareth Thomas stated that the signature section of the cards would be removed in order that they can be laminated before issue. Gareth Thomas confirmed that he has produced a newsletter which will be sent out in the membership packs .

    Brian Flynn apologised for not sorting out the April draw for hospitality in the sponsors lounge for two people. Monthly hospitality for two people is going to go ahead from the start of the new season. Brian Flynn to speak with John Laidlar regarding putting details on the club website.

    Treasurer's Report

    3,206 profit achieved to date from:-

  • Bags2The Future
  • Pensioners' Christmas Lunch
  • Bin Stickers
  • Recycled Mobile Phones
  • New Year Raffle

    Ian Jones then asked if any members of the committee hand any money over to the club could we please let him know.

    Any Other Business

    TASC Website

    New website will be up running shortly. Brian Flynn thanked Mark Eckersall for all his help on starting the new site. Brian Flynn will set up the content of the website and Ian Rosendaal will take over responsibility for updating the website in June.

    Meetings during the close season

    Next meeting 14/05/09 at 8pm the Orange Tree in Altrincham. Meeting after that 18/06/09 venue to be confirmed. July to be arranged once pre-season fixtures known

    Ebay for Alty (ABay)

    Dave Tracey has suggested selling unwanted items on Ebay with the money going to the football club. Dave Tracey to be invited to the next meeting by Brian Flynn to go through this in more detail.

    Golf Day

    Brian Flynn confirmed that he has visited Mobberley Golf Club and suggested suitable dates. Eric Robinson (Mobberley Golf Club Captain and Altrincham F.C. Vice President) has offered May 22nd. This is a bit close to the Altrincham F.C. Corporate Golf Day and Brian is to discuss alternative dates in July.

    Match Billboards

    Grahame Rowley to contact Trafford Borough Council to find out if it is possible to advertise matches in the Town Centre. Brian Flynn to contact Tesco/Sainsburys regarding advertising matches at their Altrincham stores.

    Next Meeting

    The next meeting to be held on Thursday 14 May 2009 at 8pm at the Orange Tree, Altrincham.