Altrincham Football Club (AFC) Strategic Questionnaire

Altrincham Football Club is currently undertaking a strategic review. The objective of the review is to identify all the opportunities that could enable the Club to reach its potential over the next five years and to make sure the Club is structured and equipped to take advantage of these opportunities.

In order to do this, we need as many opinions of the Club as possible and so would like to invite you to fill out this questionnaire.

Although all responses are confidential, we ask you to leave your name and email (or other contact info.) so that we may get in touch with you if any of your thoughts are particularly novel. As a rough guide, up to 5 points for each question will suffice, but feel free to put as many or as few as you like.

Please send all completed questionnaires to, or to the Club marked for the attention of Nicky Watmore. Questionnaires to be received by December 18th.






1. What are the strongest aspects of AFC?




  2. What are the weakest aspects of AFC?




  3. What are the best fund raising and development opportunities that AFC could utilise in the next 5 years?




  4. What are the biggest threats facing AFC over the next 5 years?




  5. Realistically, where would you want AFC to be after 5 years?




  6. How could the communication between the Club and the fans and stakeholders be improved? (Bearing in mind the new Q&A and newsletter initiatives announced at the recent AGM) Please include any thoughts on the Club’s website and social media presence?




  7. How could more people be encouraged to get involved with AFC?




  8. Do you feel that the Operating Model of the Club (i.e. Mainly volunteer based) should change if we are to move forward, and if so, how? Would you be willing to assist in any way?




  9. What is the purpose of Altrincham Football Club?




  10. Are there any comments, suggestions, or ideas that would assist the Club’s development that you would like to add?